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Family Mediation at Watson Thomas Solicitors

What is family mediation?

Family mediation requires both parties to meet with an independent family mediator who will facilitate discussions between you. The family mediator will not take sides in your dispute but will help guide you towards the right solution in your case. The family mediator does not give advice but can provide you with legal information and point you towards other resources that might be helpful.

Family Mediation is a voluntary process which depends on both parties attending meetings and participating in the process. Where children are involved, it can help you each gain a better understanding of the other person’s position and help you to work together to become better parents. Any arrangements you work out in family mediation are more likely to be upheld and observed because you have worked them out yourself.

Legal aid is available for family mediation depending on your circumstances

You are entitled to consult with your solicitor outside of family mediation sessions and we encourage you to seek independent legal advice, especially at the conclusion of mediation. 

Arrangements put forward during family mediation can be converted into formal agreements or court orders. Each party is encouraged to take independent legal advice on what is discussed in the family mediation sessions. The content of what is discussed in mediation remains confidential and legally privileged, apart from the factual information relating to your finances which can be disclosed to a court.

Why use Watson Thomas Solicitors’ family mediation service?

  • You have a trained practising solicitor-mediator to guide you through the process
  • We offer family mediation on a fixed or capped fee basis, which means you know how much you will have to pay upfront.
  • Costs can be shared between you and your ex-partner or spouse.
  • Most issues can be resolved without going to court.
  • There is a high success rate for family mediation.
  • It often improves communication between the parties.
  • It is non-adversarial and therefore has a much more positive effect on children.
  • You can gain a clearer understanding of your ex-partner of spouse’s finances.

If you wish to know more about Family Mediation, please contact us on 01252 622422.  Alternatively, you can find some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Family Mediation process on our FAQs page >>>